Published: 12 Oct 2016

When you have received a buyer enquiry the first thing you should do is qualify. You need to know whether this buyer is looking to buy immediately and whether they have the finance to buy a property in the price range yours is advertised in. Preparing your home for a buyer inspection can be time consuming so ask a few of these simple questions before they inspect your home;

Are you looking to buy a home around the price range our home is advertised in?

Have you seen a bank and received finance approval? - you'd be surprised how many people have not been to the bank!

What about my home appeals to you? - One of my favourite questions. This will give you a good idea of what they want in a home and help you sell those points when they come through. For instance they might say that they really want to buy in your area, so you can positively talk about the neighbourhood when they inspect.

If you found the perfect house are you in a position to buy now? - Many buyers are looking at houses now but for what ever reason can't buy for 6-12 months!

How long have you been looking? - It's great to ask a motivation question. Some buyers may say they have been looking two years, which indicates they may not be very motivated to buy or may have unrealistic expectations.

If a buyer has been to the bank, is pre-approved for finance and looking for less than 3 months they are an A buyer. Try to get them through as soon as they are available. Don't wait for you next home open!

If they are not pre-approved yet, have been looking for a long time or indicate they are actually looking to buy in a much higher or lower price bracket, they are most likely a B buyer. Its not to say that they won't buy your home (they may well!) but it might not be worth re-scheduling your life to get them through. Perhaps get them to come through an open if there is one booked soon.

As a general rule, highly motivated buyers are most likely to buy your home. They will have a good idea about their finance and be ready to buy now!

"My clients have found Caela to be really professional, transparent and always striving to achieve the best sales outcome"

J Hartley - Lender

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G & L Buttle

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H Seaton & N Roberts

"We found Caela to be very approachable and supportive during this time. As sellers she certainly had our best interests at heart"

L Burrows